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Flight Radar Newsletter by Beyond Sky Edition 3

Welcome to this edition of Beyond Sky’s newsletter, ‘Flight Radar’ your monthly tracker for drone industry news, innovations and events! From groundbreaking partnerships to the latest in regulatory shifts, we're here to provide you with a comprehensive overview of what's happening in the world of drones.

In today’s edition:

  • General Industry News: 2024 Report on the Swiss Drone Industry 
  • Innovation Spotlight: Snail-Inspired Robotic Swarms, Revolutionizing Outdoor Adaptation with Hybrid Connectors
  • Contracts & Announcements: India's First Underwater-Launched UAV, DRDO Partners with Sagar Defence for Game-Changing Innovation
  • Regulatory Radar: Malaysia Mandates Drone Registration with CAAM, New Rules and Penalties Announced
  • Investments: Radical (Y Combinator W23) Raises $4.5M Seed Funding for High-Altitude Solar Drones 
  • Defense Dispatch: Eurosatory 2024 Showcases Defense and Security Innovations 
  • Drones For Good: Empowering Local Drone Ecosystems with Civil Aviation Authorities
  • Drone Logistics:  Blue Dart Launches Drone Deliveries in Partnership with Skye Air
  • Member Spotlight: Reflex Drive and Openskies Aerial Technology
  • Global Events: Your passport to the world’s leading drone industry events in 2024.
  • Webinars and Trainings: We assist you in staying updated on online events that interest you

Whether you're an industry veteran with your eyes on the skies or a newcomer eager to explore the endless possibilities drones offer, there’s something in here for you. So buckle up and let's take off into the May edition of Flight Radar, your insight into the future of drone technology.


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Global Drone Market

Swiss Drone Industry Report 2024: Transforming Economy and Society

The Swiss Drone Industry Report 2024 highlights the pivotal role of drones in shaping the future economy and society. It details the strengths of Swiss drone companies and the competitiveness of the Swiss drone market, offering comprehensive insights into the industry's potential to create significant economic opportunities across various regions in Switzerland. More Info​ 


Snail-Inspired Robotic Swarms: Revolutionizing Outdoor Adaptation with Hybrid Connectors

Inspired by land snails, a new robotic swarm system improves terrestrial self-reconfigurable robots for unstructured environments. It features two connection modes: a free mode using magnet-embedded tracks for mobility and a strong mode with vacuum suction for stability. This design balances adaptability and secure connections, showcasing potential in outdoor experiments. More Info

Drone Tech Center Opens in Astana for Development of Innovative Solutions in Drone Technologies 

Astana Hub's new Drone Tech Center has been inaugurated. It aims to foster innovation and collaboration in drone technology. The center will support educational programs, showcase advanced drone applications, and facilitate the development of local drone industries. Key stakeholders, including industry experts and government officials, attended the opening event. More info

The Ultimate Insect-Inspired Robot: Meet JT-Fly, the Multifunctional Marvel

Insects have long inspired roboticists with their remarkable capabilities, but replicating these traits in robots has proven challenging. Recent advancements from Shanghai Jiao Tong University have led to the creation of JT-fly, an insect-like robot that can crawl, fly, hover, land, and even flip itself over. This breakthrough, detailed in IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters, showcases a robot that weighs just 35 grams, flies at up to 5 meters per second, and operates for up to 8 minutes, marking a significant step towards versatile, disaster-relief-ready robotics. More Info

Contracts & Announcements

India's First Underwater-Launched UAV: DRDO Partners with Sagar Defence for Game-Changing Innovation

The DRDO and Pune-based startup Sagar Defence are developing India's first underwater-launched unmanned aerial vehicles (ULUAVs). These ULUAVs, deployable from submarines, will enhance underwater military capabilities by enabling discreet, autonomous surveillance missions with high endurance and long range, marking a significant milestone in India's defense technology. More info

US Defense Department Awards $984M for Naval Drone Innovations

The US Department of Defense has awarded $984 million in contracts to 49 companies, including Saab, Anduril Industries, and Microsoft, to develop systems for unmanned surface vehicles. The contracts cover payloads, sensors, and autonomy systems, with completion expected by February 2025 and possible extension to 2030. More info

CAE Secures Major Support Deal for Canada’s SkyGuardian Drones

Canada is bolstering its defense capabilities with the acquisition of SkyGuardian drones. These advanced drones offer enhanced surveillance and operational flexibility, reinforcing national security. The move highlights Canada’s commitment to integrating cutting-edge technology for improved defense readiness and strategic advantage in various operational scenarios. More info


Photo credit: CAAM

Malaysia Mandates Drone Registration with CAAM: New Rules and Penalties Announced

Starting next year, all drone owners in Malaysia must register with the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM). Non-compliance can result in fines up to RM50,000 or three years in jail, with corporate bodies facing fines up to RM100,000. The new system ensures safer and more efficient drone operations. More info.

Spain Enacts New Drone Regulations Designating ENAIRE as Sole Provider of U-Space Common Information Services

Spain's new Royal Decree designates ENAIRE as the sole provider of common information services in U-Space airspaces for ten years. Effective 20 days post-publication, UAS operators in urban areas must notify the Ministry of the Interior five days in advance. It enhances safety and efficiency in drone operations. More info.

JARUS Releases SORA v2.5: Comprehensive Guidelines for Safe UAS Operations

The JARUS Specific Operations Risk Assessment (SORA) v2.5 package is now available, providing a robust methodology for ensuring the safety of specific UAS operations. It includes guidelines, integrity levels, and risk assessments for ground risk, collision risk, and operational safety, enhancing safety protocols and offering a comprehensive framework for UAS assessments. More info.


Radical (Y Combinator W23) Raises $4.5M Seed Funding for High-Altitude Solar Drones

Radical aims to revolutionize high-altitude, solar-powered autonomous aircraft where Facebook's Aquila failed. Utilizing advancements in batteries and solar technology, Radical's ultra-lightweight aircraft can stay aloft indefinitely. The Seattle startup, backed by $4.5 million in seed funding, has successfully tested a demonstrator and plans to scale up within a year. More info.

TechEagle Secures Bridge Funding to Revolutionize Mid-Mile and Inter-City Drone Deliveries

Drone tech startup TechEagle has raised bridge funding from Navam Capital, Inflection Point Ventures, and others, including Paytm’s Vijay Shekhar Sharma. The funds will expand operations and develop higher payload drones for mid-mile and inter-city deliveries. Founded by IIT-Kanpur alumni, TechEagle aims to enhance logistics with innovative BVLOS drone technology. More info.

Almi Invest Backs FLOX Robotics to Enhance Human-Wildlife Coexistence

Almi Invest has invested in FLOX Robotics, a company focused on human-wildlife coexistence. The funding will support product development, sales, and market expansion. FLOX Robotics uses autonomous technology with machine learning, robotics, AI, and wildlife behavior research to safely deter wildlife from hazardous areas via drones, trains, or fixed installations. More info.

Defense News

Eurosatory 2024 Showcases Defense and Security Innovations 

Eurosatory 2024, held from June 17 to 21 in Paris, featured over 2,000 exhibitors from 61 countries and emphasized innovations in defense technology. Highlights included advanced battle tanks, counter-drone systems, AI applications, and significant participation from countries like Saudi Arabia and South Korea. The event underscored the rising demand for weapons and defense solutions​. More info.

DroneShield Secures $4.7 Million Contract for Vehicle-Based Counter-Drone Systems

DroneShield Ltd secured a $4.7 million contract from a Swiss government agency for vehicle-based counter-drone systems, integrating advanced AI for detection and mitigation. Designed for convoy and VIP protection, the deal spans payments until Q1 2025. CEO Oleg Vornik lauded the milestone and foresees more orders from this esteemed client. More info.

US Army Tests Long-Endurance Drones and Balloons in Philippines Exercise

During the Balikatan exercise in Basco, Philippines, the U.S. Army's 1st Multi-Domain Task Force tested Kraus Hamdani Aerospace K1000 solar-powered drones and high-altitude balloons. These technologies, part of the Extended Range Sensing and Effects Company, aim to enhance joint and coalition force capabilities in access-denied regions. The exercise ran from April 11 to May 9, 2024. More info.

Drones For Good

Deloitte with Werobotics and Flying Labs Namibia Collaborate with Civil Aviation Authorities to Empowering Local Drone Ecosystems

Deloitte with WeRobotics and Flying Labs Namibia conducted a one-year case study to explore strategies that will empower local drone ecosystems globally, emphasizing community engagement, capacity building, and regulatory frameworks. Discover how Flying Labs Namibia and Deloitte's D2international collaborate with Civil Aviation Authorities, presenting a one-year case study on shaping drone ecosystems worldwide. More info.

 Drones Enhance Beach Safety with Emergency Floatation Devices in NYC

First responders in New York City, including the NYPD and FDNY, are deploying drones equipped with emergency floatation devices at beaches like Rockaway Beach, Queens. These drones can swiftly drop floatation tubes to aid struggling swimmers, providing crucial support in emergencies and enhancing overall safety with aerial surveillance capabilities across the city. More info.

Drones for Good: Revolutionizing Waste Management on Mount Everest

Mount Everest, the world's highest peak, has long been plagued by the accumulation of waste left by climbers. With over 6,664 successful summits recorded by 2023, the mountain has become known as the "world's highest garbage dump." In a groundbreaking initiative, DJI Delivery, in collaboration with 8KRAW and local partners in Nepal, conducted the first-ever drone transportation tests on Everest, aiming to address this environmental crisis by revolutionizing waste management and supply transport at high altitudes. More Info

Drone Logistics

Blue Dart Launches Drone Deliveries in Partnership with Skye Air

Blue Dart, a leading courier and express package distribution company, has introduced drone deliveries in collaboration with Skye Air. This initiative aims to enhance logistics efficiency and sustainability by offering same-day delivery for e-commerce shipments. Leveraging drone technology, Blue Dart plans to expand coverage across India, catering to growing consumer demand in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. More info.

Walmart Improves Their Services with Drone Deliveries and AI Shopping Assistant

Walmart is advancing its service offerings with the integration of drone deliveries via the Walmart app, expanding its InHome service to over 45 million households, and introducing a GenAI-powered shopping assistant. These innovations aim to elevate convenience and customer experience, reinforcing Walmart's position in the competitive retail market. More info.

Innovative Partnership Between Volatus Aerospace Corp and Mitsubishi Electric US to Elevates Offshore Drone Logistics

A new partnership is revolutionizing offshore deliveries through advanced drone logistics management. The collaboration promises to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and ensure timely and secure deliveries to remote offshore locations. This innovation marks a significant leap forward in the integration of drone technology into maritime logistics. More info

In this edition of the Member Spotlight, we are thrilled to showcase two distinguished companies that exemplify the innovative spirit and collaborative potential within the Beyond Sky community.

Reflex Drive envisions a future where drone technology is accessible, reliable, and sustainable. Committed to revolutionizing industries from agriculture to logistics, Reflex Drive offers high-quality, efficient, and affordable BLDC motor solutions. Their mission is to empower drone manufacturers with cutting-edge technology, emphasizing durability, efficiency, and ease of use. By collaborating closely with clients to deliver customized solutions, Reflex Drive aims to push the boundaries of innovation and foster a culture of excellence and continuous improvement. Join Reflex Drive in driving the future of drone innovation. Discover More

Openskies Aerial Technology builds open-source tools, services, and specifications to support the current and future aerial robotics ecosystem. If you're developing aviation systems, they offer technical expertise, software development, and project management services. Openskies are creating OpenUTM, a comprehensive Unmanned Traffic Management stack, featuring Flight Spotlight for visualization and Flight Blender for modern UTM standards, along with Aerobridge, a management server providing world-class fleet management and enhanced operational security through Trusted Flight. These solutions enable seamless and secure drone operations for service providers and operators. Discover more

The Beyond Sky Network

If you're looking to join an accomplished network of forward-thinking companies and innovators in the drone industry, Beyond Sky is your destination. Discover how we can elevate your business and connect you with a global audience of industry leaders and potential partners. Join us today and take your place among the best in the field.

This month, Beyond Sky is your gateway to the most influential events in the drone industry.

Expositions showcasing the latest in military robotics to explore the future of urban air mobility, each event offers unique insights into the technological advancements and regulatory landscapes shaping our skies.

Here are the upcoming events in Q2 and Q3


The Elevate Africa Summit

  • Date: 28-29 June 2024
  • Location: Nairobi, Kenya
  • Elevate Africa Summit brings together the brightest minds, latest technologies, and stakeholders from around the globe to shape the future of drone applications across various sectors.

World’s Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Conference (WUAV) 2024: A Global Perspective

  • Date: June 30 - July 2
  • Location: Israel
  • Focusing on advancements in UAV technologies and their applications across sectors.


Drone International Expo 2024: Showcasing India's UAV Industry

  • Date: July 4-5
  • Location: India
  • A platform for the drone industry in India, emphasizing commercial and regulatory developments.

Military Robotics and Autonomous Systems USA 2024: The Edge of Technology

  • Date: July 8-9
  • Location: United States
  • Exploring the integration of robotics and autonomous systems in military operations.

Farnborough International Airshow 2024: Aerospace and Beyond

  • Date: July 22-26
  • Location: United Kingdom
  • The world’s leading airshow, presenting the future of aerospace, including UAVs and space technologies.

FAA Drone and Advanced Air Mobility Symposium:

  • Date: July 30-August 1, 2024
  • Location: Baltimore, Maryland
  • This year’s theme, Connected Skies / Connected Communities, will explore the transformation of aviation through sessions on eVTOL aircraft and more. For registration and updates.


Indonesia Drone Expo

  • Type: Exposition, Conference
  • Date: Aug 12, 2024
  • Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Details: Uncover opportunities and reveal game-changing trends in the industry. 

For the latest on drone industry events, including detailed previews and insights into what's to come, check out the “Upcoming Events” on our home page at

Here's a summary of the upcoming drone webinars and events around the world:

Tue, Jun 25, 2024
Commercial UAV Expo
Beyond Borders, How are Businesses Using Drones to Find Efficiency & Enable Growth Across Europe? .. Register here

Tue, Jun 25, 2024
SPH Engineering
Exploring Underground with Drone-Based GPR.. Register here

Tue, Jun 25, 2024
African Drone Forum
Spark Tank, Opportunities in Drone Space.. Register here

Wed, Jun 26, 2024
SkyLark Drones
Unlock the Skies - Master Drone Data Verification.. Register here

Thur, Jun 27, 2024
PhoneixAI and ACL Digital
Enhancing Drone Security with AI-Powered Anti-Jamming Technologies.. Register here

Wed, July 3, 2024
Flying Labs Network

Info Session: How to Join the Flying Labs Network.. Register here

Wed, July 10, 2024
Advance Your Career in the Drone Industry.. Register here

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