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Flight Radar Newsletter by Beyond Sky Edition 2

Welcome to this edition of Beyond Sky’s newsletter, ‘Flight Radar’ your monthly tracker for drone industry news, innovations and events! From groundbreaking partnerships to the latest in regulatory shifts, we're here to provide you with a comprehensive overview of what's happening in the world of drones.

In today’s edition:

  • General Industry News: Revolutionizing Aerial Surveying and Emergency Response
  • Innovation Spotlight: SkySkopes VP Eric Goetsch Discusses Innovations in LiDAR Technology with Phoenix LiDAR
  • Contracts & Announcements: High Eye Secures Dutch Ministry of Defence Drone Contract
  • Regulatory Radar: EU Releases New Drone Regulation Updates
  • Defense Dispatch: Green Beret A-Teams Adapt FPV Drone Training Inspired by Ukraine Conflict
  • Drone Logistics: Hyderabad's Drogo Drones Plans Entry into Air Taxi Services
  • Member Spotlight: Flight Deck Insurance and Drona Aviation
  • Global Events: Your passport to the world’s leading drone industry events in 2024.
  • Free Industry Webinars and Trainings

Whether you're an industry veteran with your eyes on the skies or a newcomer eager to explore the endless possibilities drones offer, there’s something in here for you. So buckle up and let's take off into the May edition of Flight Radar, your insight into the future of drone technology.


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Global Drone Market

Commercial Drone Use in 2024: Leading Industries and Methods

In 2024, commercial drone use continues to grow, with key industries like energy, agriculture, construction, and public emergency services leading the charge. Drones are predominantly used for mapping and surveying, inspections, and photography. In energy, drones inspect infrastructure, while in agriculture, they monitor crop health and perform spraying tasks. The construction sector benefits from drones for site surveys and monitoring progress, and public emergency services utilize them for search and rescue operations. These applications enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and improve safety across various sectors. More Info

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Revolutionizing Aerial Surveying and Emergency Response

Josh O'Leary, CTO of AirWise Solutions, discusses drone technology enhancing airspace awareness, regulatory compliance, and operational efficiency for commercial and public safety sectors. More Info

First Drone with Neuromorphic Vision and Control

Guido De Croon and TU Delft team develop a drone using neuromorphic hardware for energy-efficient, autonomous flight, bridging the reality gap with rapid processing. More Info

Contracts & Announcements

High Eye Secures Dutch Ministry of Defence Drone Contract

High Eye wins Dutch Ministry of Defence tender to supply Airboxer VTOL UAVs, enhancing Netherlands' defense with advanced drone technology. More info.

Magellanic Cloud Secures ₹43 Crore Order for Logistics Drones

Magellanic Cloud wins a ₹43 crore contract to provide logistics drones, boosting efficiency in the supply chain sector in India. More info.

Drone Destination Signs Pact with IFFCO

Drone Destination partners with IFFCO for spraying agri-products over 3 million acres, revolutionizing agricultural practices with drone technology. More info.

Marut Drones and IFFCO Partner for Drone Spraying

Marut Drones collaborates with IFFCO to conduct drone spraying operations over 500,000 acres, enhancing agricultural efficiency in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. More info.


U.S. House Passes FAA Reauthorization Act of 2024

The U.S. House of Representatives passes the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2024, extending FAA authority through 2028 and advancing drone regulations. More info.

ONERA Develops DROSERA a SORA Software

ONERA introduces DROSEERA, a system designed to streamline mission preparation with drones. DROSERA simplifies the SORA risk assessment process for international and high-risk missions, saving significant time and effort. More info.

EU Releases New Drone Regulation Updates

The European Union releases updated regulations for drone operations, emphasizing safety, innovation, and integration of unmanned aircraft in European airspace. More info.


SkySkopes VP Eric Goetsch Discusses Innovations in LiDAR Technology with Phoenix LiDAR

Eric Goetsch, VP of SkySkopes, highlights advanced Phoenix LiDAR systems in aerial surveying, enhancing efficiency in powerline vegetation management and wide-area mapping. More info.

LucidBot Secures $9M for Window-Cleaning Drones

LucidBot raises $9 million to develop drones for automated window cleaning, enhancing urban maintenance efficiency and safety. More info.

Skyports Raises Over $110M in Series C Round

Skyports secures more than $110 million in a Series C funding round led by ACS, advancing its drone delivery and logistics services. More info.

Defense News

Green Beret A-Teams Adapt FPV Drone Training Inspired by Ukraine Conflict

U.S. Army Special Forces integrate FPV drone training, enhancing surveillance and reconnaissance inspired by tactics from the Ukraine conflict. More info.

AgEagle Announces $3.4M Drone UAV Sale to French Army

AgEagle secures a $3.4M contract to supply UAVs to the French Army, marking a significant milestone in international defense collaboration. More info.

U.S. Firm Unveils New 500 MPH Missile and Cargo Drone

A U.S. firm reveals a new drone capable of reaching 500 mph, designed for missile deployment and cargo transport, advancing military drone technology. More info.

Pentagon Requests $500 Million for Drone Defense

The Pentagon urgently requests $500 million to enhance drone defense systems, addressing increasing threats and advancing U.S. military drone capabilities. More info.

Drones For Good

Commercial UAV Expo's Path to Leadership Scholarship

The Commercial UAV Expo launches the UAV Empower: Path to Leadership Event Scholarship, supporting diverse university students in the drone industry. More info.

Drones4Bats Project Enhances Wildlife Conservation

The Drones4Bats project utilizes drone technology to monitor and protect bat populations, showcasing drones' role in environmental conservation. More info.

Drone Logistics

Hyderabad's Drogo Drones Plans Entry into Air Taxi Services

Drogo Drones, based in Hyderabad, is set to enter the air taxi market and expand into agricultural and emergency medical services, enhancing its tech capabilities. More info.

Delhivery to Manufacture Drones

Delhivery announces plans to set up a subsidiary focused on drone manufacturing, aiming to revolutionize logistics and delivery services with advanced UAV technology. More info.

Speedbird Aero Arrives in Europe

Speedbird Aero, a leader in drone logistics, expands its operations to Europe, enhancing its global reach and advancing drone delivery solutions across the continent. More info.

In this edition of the Member Spotlight, we are thrilled to showcase two distinguished companies that exemplify the innovative spirit and collaborative potential within the Beyond Sky community.

Flight Deck:

Flight Deck offers comprehensive insurance solutions tailored for the drone industry. Their Hull All Risk policy provides extensive coverage for various UAV operations, ensuring peace of mind for drone operators. Whether it's commercial, recreational, or specialized drone use, Flight Deck's insurance products are designed to meet the unique needs of the UAV market.

Drona Aviation:

Pluto, an educational drone platform by Drona Aviation, is designed to empower the next generation of drone enthusiasts and developers. Based in India, the Pluto kit provides a comprehensive learning experience, from basic drone mechanics to advanced programming and customization. With a focus on STEM education, Pluto offers an accessible yet powerful tool for exploring the intricacies of UAV technology.

The Beyond Sky Network

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This month, Beyond Sky is your gateway to the most influential events in the drone industry.

Expositions showcasing the latest in military robotics to explore the future of urban air mobility, each event offers unique insights into the technological advancements and regulatory landscapes shaping our skies.

Here are the top events in Q2 and Q3:


• dronexpo | Madrid, Spain

• UAS & C-UAS India 2024 | New Delhi, India

• Drone Show Robotics | São Paulo (SP), Brazil,

• Drone World Congress 2024 | Shenzen, China

• International Drone Show | Odense, Denmark


• Japan Drone Expo | Chiba, Japan

• ILA Berlin | Berlin, Germany

• Eurosatory | Paris, France

• World Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Conference | Jerusalem, Israel

• The Elevate Africa Summit | Nairobi, Kenya


• Drone International Expo 2024: Showcasing India's UAV Industry

• Military Robotics and Autonomous Systems USA 2024: The Edge of Technology

• Farnborough International Airshow 2024: Aerospace and Beyond

For the latest on drone industry events, including detailed previews and insights into what's to come, check out the “Upcoming Events” on our home page at

Here's a summary of the upcoming drone webinars and events for LinkedIn:

Thu, May 23, 2024 |The future landscape of the African drone industry, including upcoming challenges and opportunities.. Register Here

Wed, May 29, 2024 | Let's talk U-Space. Hosted by Windrove, this online event will feature first-hand reports and discussions on U-Space projects. Register Here

Fri, May 31, 2024 |  Drones and wetlands. Like apple pie and cheddar cheese, they are great on their own, but even better together. Drones can do a lot more than take pretty pictures... Register Here


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