French Ambush, AAROK the Revolutionary MALE Drone by TURGIS ET GAILLARD GROUPE.

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French Ambush, AAROK the Revolutionary MALE Drone by TURGIS ET GAILLARD GROUPE.

???????? French Surprise at the Paris Air Show: Introducing the Revolutionary MALE Drone by TURGIS ET GAILLARD GROUPE

Out of the shadows, French private company T&G astounds the industry by unveiling its ingenious MALE drone at the prestigious International Paris Air Show. With remarkable specifications and an affordable/aggressive pricing strategy, this drone is set to challenge major players in the market.

Key Points:
Introducing the MALE AAROK Drone: T&G proudly presents the MALE AAROK drone as their first prototype remotely piloted aircraft. Designed and manufactured in France, this drone caters to the needs of armed forces, providing intelligence, surveillance, and fire support capabilities at a reduced cost.

Strategic French Autonomy: Developed in less than three years with an estimated cost of 50 million USD, the MALE AAROK drone emphasizes France's pursuit of strategic autonomy. By intentionally avoiding "ITAR" sanctions and utilizing no American components, it opens up export opportunities with fewer geopolitical restrictions.

Competition in the Market: The MALE AAROK drone aims to compete with some of the renowned drones such as the MQ 9A Repear , Bayraktar, and Hermes 900. Its impressive features and competitive pricing make it a formidable contender in the industry.

Impact on the "Eurodrone" Project: As the MALE AAROK drone gains momentum, it raises questions about its potential impact on the "Eurodrone" military drone project. This collaborative initiative involving Germany, France, Spain, and Italy has a budget of 2 billion USD for the development and purchase of four systems.

Cost Comparison: Considering India's potential deal with the USA for MQ-9 Reapers, valued at 3 billion USD for 30 units (20 million USD per unit), the affordability of the MALE AAROK drone becomes evident. If priced at 5 million USD per unit, India could acquire four times the number of drones, and even at 10 million USD per unit, they could secure a significant quantity.

Key Specifications:
Highlight the key specifications of the MALE AAROK drone, emphasizing its impressive capabilities and versatility for various mission types.
1. MTOW - 5.5 tons
2. Power Source - 1200 horsepower turboprop
3 .Endurance - 24 hours
4. Cruising speed - 250 kts
5. Cruising altitude - FL300
6. Resistance - All weather
7. Payload (max) - 1.5 tons (plus) 
8. Air to ground - IR/TV seeker and/or laser seeker
9. SIGINT Sensor 
10. Means of transmission
11. Radar

The unveiling of the MALE AAROK drone marks a significant milestone in the industry, promising innovative technology, affordability, and strategic advantages. As the drone gains operational experience in the coming years, its impact will be closely observed. Stay tuned for more updates as the AAROK story unfolds at the Paris Air Show.

Photo Credit: Turgis & Gaillard Group
Sources: Turgis & Gaillard website

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