Speedbird Aero Secures BRL 10 Million Investment.

Published by:By Abhishek Daxini
Speedbird Aero Secures BRL 10 Million Investment.

Speedbird Aero, a pioneering Brazilian drone delivery company, has reached a significant milestone with a momentous BRL 10 million investment from MSW MultiCorp 2, backed by esteemed investors like Embraer, BB Seguros, Baterias Moura, and Age-Rio. This investment represents a pivotal moment in Speedbird Aero's journey to revolutionize the logistics industry with advanced drone technology.

Since its establishment in 2018 by its founder, Manoel R. Coelho and Samuel Salomão, Speedbird Aero has been a trailblazer in drone delivery in Brazil, obtaining the coveted approval from the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) for commercial drone deliveries. Strategic partnerships with industry giants like iFood, Natura, Claro Brasil, and Grupo Pardini have solidified its position as a reliable and efficient drone delivery service provider, boasting over 10,000 hours of successful urban flights.

Expanding its reach beyond Brazil, Speedbird Aero has made a global impact, operating in Israel, the UK, and the US, showcasing the versatility of their drone delivery solutions tailored to various industries and geographical locations.

Innovation is at the core of Speedbird Aero's success, offering a diverse range of cutting-edge drone products catering to specific logistics challenges in sectors like e-commerce, healthcare, food delivery, and environmental monitoring.

The substantial BRL 10 million investment bolsters Speedbird Aero's financial position, fueling research and development to enhance drone technology and streamline delivery operations. MSW MultiCorp 2 and other investors recognize the transformative potential of drone delivery in the logistics industry.

Looking back to 2022, Speedbird Aero's appeal to investors was evident when they raised BRL 35 million in a previous funding round led by Bela Juju Ventures, with contributions from DOMO Invest and NAU Capital, reflecting investors' confidence in the company's vision.

In addition to their financial successes, Speedbird Aero has formed strategic partnerships to further advance their drone delivery capabilities. They recently joined forces with Skyports Drone Services, becoming a new aircraft partner for the Orkney I-Port drone delivery project. Collaborating with Royal Mail, Orkney Islands Council Harbour Authority, and Loganair, this project aims to provide uninterrupted delivery services, overcoming Orkney's extreme weather and geography challenges. Speedbird Aero's DLV-2 drone, with a payload capacity of 6kg and a max range of 16km, was chosen for its ability to fly in harsh weather conditions.

In June 2023, Speedbird Aero also entered into a strategic agreement with Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. to revolutionize the logistics industry with innovative urban air delivery solutions using autonomous delivery drones equipped with the Qualcomm Flight™ RB5 5G Platform. This collaboration will integrate cutting-edge Qualcomm® robotics technology with Speedbird Aero's industry-leading drone hardware and software capabilities, accelerating the development and deployment of scalable and sustainable drone delivery services.

Furthermore, Speedbird Aero partnered with High Lander, an Israeli startup specializing in autonomous air traffic control systems, to deploy High Lander's unmanned traffic management (UTM) platform. This partnership enhances Speedbird Aero's capabilities in safely navigating its drone-based network for fast-food and grocery deliveries across Brazil, particularly in heavily urban areas, where airspace monitoring is crucial to prevent conflicts and collisions.

Speedbird Aero's remarkable journey of growth and technological advancement serves as a shining example of determination, ingenuity, and strategic partnerships in the realm of UAVs and logistics. With a relentless commitment to innovation, Speedbird Aero is reshaping the possibilities of drone technology, propelling the logistics industry into a new era of efficiency and progress.

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