Renice 3U Open VPX Storage Card (SATA SSD)

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Key Features

Capacity 1-10TB (Customization supported)
Host interface VPX, dual-channel SATA 6.0Gbps
Speed R/W: 530/500MB/s (Max)
Endurance >25 year@ 100GB per day erase (512GB MLC SSD)
Security Power failure protect, AES-256 encryption,R-backup

Short Description

Renice 3U Open VPX Storage Card is designed for aerospace.


About US

Renice is one professional provider of storage solutions, computing service and data security systems. We devoted on developing and manufacturing premium quality and high-performance Rugged embedded storage solutions for aerospace, automotive, maritime, rail transit applications.

Renice is adhering to the customer first, focus on delivering customized storage solutions based on practical applications, such as 3-times lifespan improvement technology for heavy workload industry, rapid secure erase and physical destruction technology for super confidential data security, and Fix-BOM long term supply.

Our own SSD factory is equipped with advanced manufacturing facilities SMT line and strict quality control systems. All Renice products are produced and tested in accordance with highest industry standard . 100% of Renice SSDs are put through high-low temperature testing from -50°C to +90°C and verified by 3,000 times power on/off testing before delivering to customers.

SSD Unwavering Performance and Stability

Designed with standard open VITA65, RENICE 10TB 3U VPX SSD adopts onboard NAND Flash structure, provides more stable performance in critical nature of aerospace applications compared with the typical onboard SSD embedded VPX solution.

It supports conductive cool, undergoes wide operating temperatures from -40°C to +85°C, which makes it ruggedness to resistant the harsh and complex aviation environment. Meanwhile, the power consumption of Renice SSD can be maintained within 6W in full read/write performance operation, which perfectly solves the endurance of UAV equipment

Aerospace-grade Data Security

The Aerospace SSD Solution features AES-256bit encryption and TCG OPAL2.0 compliant. Coupled with customized physical destruction trigger circuit ensure the disk destruction can be triggered automatically in 5s once detect a crash hazard or illegal access operation.



  • Manufacturer
  • One Time, Pay per use
  • Global
  • Aerial Photography, Mining & Exploration, Surveillance & Mapping
  • Aeromapper, Autel, Azur Drones, Delair, DJI, IdeaForge, Parrot, Skydio, Wingtra
  • -40℃ to +85℃
  • 3U (170.6mmX100.0mmX20.83mm) L×W×H
  • VPX P0,P1,P2
  • Max 4 TB
  • VPX, dual-channel SATA 6.0Gbps
  • Industrial SSD
  • 530/500MB/s
  • 75000/65000IOPS
  • >25 year@ 100GB per day erase (512GB MLC SSD)
  • JESD47 compliant
  • JESD47 compliant
  • 5V (±5%)
  • -50℃ to +90℃
  • 16.4 G (10Hz-2000Hz )
  • Nonworking: 1,500 G, 0.5ms half-sine wave; Working: 50 G, 11ms half-sine wave
  • 95%
Renice 3U Open VPX Storage Card (SATA SSD)

Renice 3U Open VPX Storage Card (SATA SSD)

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Renice 3U Open VPX Storage Card (SATA SSD)

Renice 3U Open VPX Storage Card (SATA SSD)

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Renice 3U Open VPX Storage Card (SATA SSD)
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Renice Technology


Data storage/SSD/Memory Card


Drone Delivery, Surveillance Mapping, Aerial Photography, Infrastructure Transport


Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Croatia (Hrvatska), Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Maldives, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russian Federation, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom, United States

From 2008-2023, Renice knows what it takes to survive,strive and thrive. Renice Technology is a MANUFACTURER of industrial SSD and Memory Card. Application scenarios covers drones (Onboard system and GCS),in-vehicle,rail transit. We are trusted by Boeing,Siemens,Volkswagen...

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Renice 3U Open VPX Storage Card (SATA SSD)
Renice 3U Open VPX Storage Card (SATA SSD)
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