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Members 830+
Events Organised 200+ events per year
Funded Projects 739+
Funding Maximise their chances of obtaining Funding
Expertise Setting up their Collaborative Innovation Projects

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Leading European competitiveness cluster in aerospace sector.Aerospace Valley contributes to the development and competitiveness of its members through innovation by promoting collaborative research and development projects



Aerospace Valley contributes to the development and competitiveness of its members through innovation by promoting collaborative research and development projects.


In order to generate business opportunities for your organisation, we facilitate and promote exchanges within a dynamic internationally renowned network. We support our members in setting up their collaborative innovation projects. In this way, we   maximise their chances of obtaining funding. Finally, the expertise we provide fosters the development, growth and transformation of our members while helping them to access new markets.

The Aerospace Valley Cluster is committed to being a recognized regional player at the national, European and world-wide levels; the Cluster will continue to work to ensure that the stakeholders in our territories are Pioneers of the Ecological Transition of the aerospace sectors, to accelerate the Digital Transformation with the aim of increasing the competitiveness of our sectors, to boost innovation, facilitate the evolution of skills in our territories in line with the emerging needs of our sectors and ensure the growth and secure the future of our sectors in our territories. 

830 Members
200 Events per year
13 K Contacts
739 Funded projects


The Aerospace Valley competitiveness cluster brings together the Nouvelle-Aquitaine and Occitanie / Pyrénées-Méditerranée regions, thus constituting the leading European employment pool in the field of aeronautics, space, drones sectors and embedded systems :


Drones Sector

It is clear that the global health crisis related to Covid has had a force multiplier effect when it comes to latent socio-economic changes the outcome of which is still uncertain. The Cluster’s strategic Drone sector is working to answer the requirements of its members to understand this “new normal”.

The latter shall be guided by a quest for more collective meaning, increased responsibility in terms of environmental and social issues, but also the taking into account of new geopolitical stakes which have led to reinforcing the sovereign character of certain technological innovations in particular in the digital field (data and networks).

In light of the increasing use of drones and through its initiatives, the Cluster is committed to supporting the drone sector and to answering tomorrow’s challenges: 

  • Essential regulatory requirements in terms of compliance and safety,

  • Strong societal expectations in terms of acceptability (noise, individual freedom),

  • Strong environmental engagement in terms of innovative solutions to fight pollution, climate change and its natural catastrophes and biodiversity protection.

Aerospace Valley contributes to the development and competitiveness of its members through innovation by promoting collaborative research and development projects


Do you have innovative ideas that you want to make happen through realising a project? Are you seeking public or private funding ? Aerospace Valley supports you !


Do you have innovative ideas that you want to make happen through realizing a project? The Cluster provides tailor-made advice and a range of support schemes to help you to develop your innovation projects.


Facilitate the development of innovative projects while guiding the latter to the appropriate financing schemes.

Aerospace Valley regularly launches Calls for Expression of Interest focusing on specific themes or types of projects. The aim is to identify project intentions, help structure projects, and direct the latter to potential sources of funding. The goal is to foster the development of projects using a collective approach and to qualify projects upstream, in order to leverage public financing opportunities.


Are you seeking support with regards to your innovation processes and in particular in finding sources of public financing? Aerospace Valley and its experts will guide you.


On the regional level, we work with all financial stakeholders in the Occitanie and Nouvelle-Aquitaine regions to identify financing schemes and to help our members successfully complete applications. To foster the development of projects, we lead specific Calls for Expression of Interest to facilitate the access of our members to regional funding agencies (conseil regional, BPI…)


On the national level, the Government, via operators such as BPI or ADEME, proposes diverse funding schemes to support the RDI projects of companies and higher education and research organizations. We communicate on a regular basis with all national funding stakeholders to provide expert information to our members and best support them in preparing their answers to calls for projects.


Are you taking part in an innovation project in the Cluster’s sectors and ecosystems of excellence?

To strengthen your chances of obtaining public funding, aim for the Aerospace Valley LABEL!

In fact, our unique sector-based expertise, as well as the excellence of our label are recognized by the different funding agencies. 675 projects which were awarded the Aerospace Valley label have been funded since 2005.

Don’t hesitate to get your project into our labelling process.


Do you want to accelerate the growth and development of your business? Aerospace Valley will guide you in your search for private funds.


In search of private funds

Aerospace Valley supports you in your search for private funds in order to accelerate your growth and the development of your business.

This support is open to all our members: start-ups, SMEs,...

The Cluster has a community of qualified investors, able to support you thanks to numerous funding levers.

Funding levers

Loans dedicated to business growth: Seed loans, honor loans.

Bank financing: operating financing, real estate financing, leases..

Fundraising: Venture Capital, Development Capital, Transmission Capital..


Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit and have projects in the aeronautics, space or drones sectors? Aerospace Valley supports you at the various stages of your business advancement.


Depending on the market you are targeting and the degree of maturity of your startup, several types of support are possible.

In order to promote entrepreneurship among students or professionals, the cluster regularly organizes Hackathons on targeted themes. When your startup is created, we can support you thanks to the ESA BIC Sud-France incubator network that we coordinate (space sector only). Do you already have turnover and want to accelerate your growth? you could join our DISTRICT accelerator on one of its space, digital or low-carbon air mobility themes. Aerospace Valley is also a partner in several European projects that offer support or financing services to startups.


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  • Aerial Photography, Archeology & Monuments, Chemicals, Construction & Real Estate, Disaster Management / First responders, Drone Delivery, Education, Environment & Wildlife, Flood Modeling, Forestry & Agriculture, Healthcare & Humanitarian Aid, Infrastructure & Transport, Mining & Exploration, Others, Power & Utilities, Science & Research, Security & Law Enforcement, Shipping, Supply Chain & Logistics, Surveillance & Mapping, Urban planning, Water Management
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Aerospace Valley

Aerospace Valley




    The Aerospace Valley Center invites you to its annual event dedicated to the Drones and New Uses sector, a unique opportunity to find yourself in a context where drones are more than ever a hot topic.

Aerospace Valley

Aerospace Valley

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Aerospace Valley is Europe's leading aerospace competitiveness cluster, the only community in the world that brings together all the players in the value chain in all segments of the aeronautics and space industry, in the Occitanie and Nouvelle-Aquitaine regions. Serving the strategic sectors of Aeronautics, Space and Drones, and thanks to its 5 Ecosystems of Excellence - Embedded and Communicating Systems; Structures, Materials and Mechanical Systems; Propulsion and Embedded Energy; Data Engine

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