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Key Features

Endurance 2 hours
Frame Carbon Fiber
Resistance IP 65, water and dust resistant
Connection Hub Power and signal connection hub
Attachment Points 40

Short Description

Absolutely free of all payloads and with a multitude of connection and integration options, the VERSATYL will be the ideal platform for your flight tests.


About Us
Skydrone Robotics is a manufacturer of drone systems and command stations for the professional market and institutions. We design and produce all of our products in La Rochelle (France). Our integrated design office also offers high level engineering services.

In our fully equipped workshops, Skydrone’s teams of engineers, researchers, pilots, technicians and developers have the training and tools necessary to create transport drone solutions that meet the highest standards.

Our Skills


We have strongly developed our software, design and electronic integration activities on embedded systems.We integrate and develop custom software to meet the needs of air, land and sea robotics.

Design Office
We also offer design office services. Our experts can design and build special drones, meeting specific needs for your professional missions. We also offer system integrations on board our drones, your drones, for tailor-made functionalities.

About Versatyl 

You choose your mission, we propose the drone. 

The Versatyl is a modular drone undergoing EASA certification, capable of carrying out numerous missions by simply swapping its arms (including motors and propellers), in less than 3 minutes and without tools.

This remarkable specificity gives it a transport capacity ranging from 1 kg to 35 kg and endurance reaching one hour of flight.

Its connection interface placed under the frame is made up of custom power or signal inputs and outputs, thus offering real ease of payload integration.

Forty M4 attachment points are distributed over the entire lower plate, offering solid boarding possibilities.

Laboratory Module - 

Absolutely free of all payloads and with a multitude of connection and integration options, the VERSATYL will be the ideal platform for your flight tests.

Power and signal connection hub
40 attachment points under the aircraft frame
Up to 2 kg of payload for 10 km of elongation
Modularity of motor’s group

The Versatyl can address many operating capabilities. Which one is yours ?


  • Manufacturer
  • Skydrone Robotics
  • Global
  • France, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, United States of America
  • Air
  • Autonomous, Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS), Extended Visual Line of Sight (EVLOS), Line of Sight (LOS), RPAS
  • Rotary Drones, Rotary Drones
  • Battery
  • Rotary Drones, Rotary Drones
  • Mini ( <25 kg)
  • Certified Category, Open Category, Specific Category
  • 60 to 300 mins
  • 150
  • 120
  • -10° to 40 ° C
  • -10° to 40 ° C
  • IP65
  • IP65
  • 10
  • 90
Versatyl Laboratory

Versatyl Laboratory

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VERSATYL MULTI-ROTORS UAV : Multi-missions and heavy lift modular Drone. HANDOVER 2 : Ground control station and Radio Relay. HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE Lab for specific requests.


Drone Delivery, Power Utilities, Forestry Agriculture, Surveillance Mapping, Mining Exploration, Security Law Enforcement, Environment Wildlife, Disaster Management First Responders, Infrastructure Transport, Science Research




Based in La Rochelle, Skydrone Robotics is an innovative industrial SME that designs, manufactures and distributes the only French modular drone in the 25 kg class. Created in 2016, Skydrone Robotics now has around fifteen employees, including doctors, engineers, specialized technicians and pilots. This highly qualified team is at the origin of the VERSATYL drone, entirely manufactured within its facilities.

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Versatyl Laboratory
Versatyl Laboratory
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