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SkyQube V2

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Key Features

MTOW 19.5 kg
Maximum Payload 8 kg
Data Transmission Distance 15 km (CE) or 20 km (FCC)
Dual Slide Bar System LiDAR, CO2 sensors, fine dust sensor, fumes, electro smog, GeoRadar or more
Dimensions (unfolded) 740x 570x 500 mm

Short Description

A portable multicopter with 8 kgs of payload carrying capacity, this customizable drone has been delivered with various types of payloads and can be integrated with whatever you require.


About the company

An Italian company, with great experience in the drone and autonomous systems sector.

We are a multidisciplinary group of creative minds, pioneers at heart and engineers in our DNA. Dronelab was born from the founder's deep passion for technology and electronics. We have our production headquarters in Sardinia, Italy and representative offices in Milan and Modena. We are committed to constantly redefining products, embracing the future boldly, and turning challenges into opportunities.

From the design of solutions, to the creation of cutting-edge platforms, integrating hardware and software functions. We work tirelessly to transform customers' special ideas and needs into tangible realities.

Our mission is to fuel change through technology in the autonomous systems industry. We believe in collaboration with other industrial companies and in the importance of building solid relationships with our customers and partners.

We have been here for over a decade to listen, to understand and to realize the boldest and most complex visions together.

Dronelab is ISO 9001.2015 certified
DroneLab products comply with current regulations. For the Drones-UAV branch, the EASA, EUROCAE, CEN, RTCA and STANAG, Machinery Directive and CEN ELEC directives are applied for the UAV classes C2, C3, C4 and C5/C6.

The certifications are a testament to our integrity and dedication to quality and compliance. Our customers can have confidence in our commitment to providing them with safe, reliable and regulatory compliant systems.

Dronelab over the years
Drones, Rovers, Cable cams, Naval drones, Tethered drones, etc, for the most diverse uses.

Our Drone : SkyQUBE
Discover the high-performance drone suitable for any operation with payload up to 8 kg. We have created a multi-purpose aerial platform with high industrial - scientific characteristics, highly customizable, based on AUTERION SKYNODE.

A multi-role aerial machine with multi-device technology, which can be equipped with sensors of all types, both photographic, GIS survey, instrumental and scientific measurement, as well as in a transport version (delivery-drone) and any work tools.

More control, less risk.
The maximum technology available on the market concentrated in a single product. Designed and built to satisfy the requests of professional and industrial partners, and safely carry out the most difficult and dangerous jobs with efficiency and speed, thanks to the use of autonomous functions.

Now you can control SkyQUBE from anywhere in the world with the cellular network

An aerial platform with unique characteristics
SkyQUBE is a drone designed to be the definitive and uncompromising solution.

A multi-role aerial machine, built entirely in carbon fiber, which can be equipped with any type of sensor or load, guaranteeing agility, efficiency, reliability, giving simplicity to the pilot's work.

It is the result of research born from years of development and operational experience, gained together with those who carry out daily operations.

Made with composite materials in Carbon fiber and Kevlar, for a structural resistance 3 times higher than that of steel, Alutex fiber for shielding the avionics from external electromagnetic sources, Avional™ with very high magnesium content, ABS for cover parts designed specifically for the SkyQUBE line.

 It can be configured with any device such as: optical cameras, thermal cameras, multispectral cameras, Lidar, dispensers for precision organic farming, radionuclide detectors for radioactivity mapping, GeoRadar, probes for RF, EMF measurements, and any other specific sensor.

- Guaranteed autonomy of over 50 minutes of flight, with 2 kg of Payload.
- Dual channel FullHD video streaming with a range of 12Km (CE) or 20Km (FCC) in Real-Time (without latency).
- Lidar sensors for Proximity (360° anti-collision). Altitude Lidar sensor. Integration of altitude accuracy with Laser System.
- Warranty on malfunctions due to electronic components and structure.
- Guaranteed after-sales service.
- IP 55 rating. Empty weight including batteries: 9.6 kg.


MK15E is a long-range Android smart controller with dual 1080p FPV, based on the full high-definition image transmission technology developed by SIYI Technology.
The system is deeply optimized and integrated with Qualcomm 8-core CPU platform.
MK15E's abundant features and powerful performance make it a reliable image transmission and solid control device for drones and unmanned vehicles for any application.

With the optional AI module, the drone can combine and interpret data from the sensors, enabling SkyQube to identify obstacles, recognize objects comprehend their surroundings, and analyze intricate scenarios.

AIrHUD Beyond Visual Line of Sight TOTAL Control

BVLOS flight control is easy and intuitive thanks to Augmented Reality. With AR goggles and AIrHUD software you can now have total control of telemetry and FPV at the same time, while looking at the drone even when is covered by obstacles or buildings

Drone pilots know very well that after few hundred meters, the UAV is almost impossible to spot and directly control. Thanks to augmented reality, situational awareness is increased giving an enhanced safety level


Optional Connectivity solution for for remote areas

Key features
Hybrid communications: satellite and terrestrial (LTE, Wi- Fi, BT, LoRa)
Iridium Certus® 100 Iridium Certus™ 9770 Transceiver
IP connectivity
Cloud infrastructure and user portal
Accurate tracking (GNSS)
API (Application Programming Interface) for 3rd party apps

Perfectly matches the service requirements for IoT/M2M applications, providing a flexible connectivity at low latency. The engineered design guarantees a high availability and reliable communication channel through the usage of the Iridium® satellite constellation and multiple terrestrial networks (LTE, LoRaWAN, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth). Dual frequency and multi constellation GNSS receiver to augment the position accuracy and provide advanced Geopositioning services.

Dual Slide Bar for multiple Payloads
Carbon GIMBAL with high torque brushless motors, configured according to the Payload and loading up to 8 kg, to give maximum stability and reliability.
With SkyQUBE you can manage multiple jobs within a single mission, minimizing cost and time.
For those complex operations with different equipment to integrate, you can configure SkyQUBE with multiple Payloads.


  • Manufacturer
  • Global
  • France, Germany, Hungary, Italy
  • Air
  • Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS), Line of Sight (LOS)
  • Rotary Drones, Rotary Drones
  • Battery
  • Rotary Drones, Rotary Drones
  • Mini ( <25 kg)
  • Open Category, Specific Category
  • 30 to 60 mins
  • 50
  • IP 55
  • 20
  • 19
  • 740x570x500 mm
  • 740x570x500 mm
  • LiDAR, CO2 sensors, fine dust sensor, fumes, electro smog, GeoRadar or any Custom Payload
  • 360 Panorama, Camera Focal Length, Images, Multiple Sensors, Scan Mode, Set camera angles / Shoot angles, Thermal Images, Trigger at Waypoints, Videos
  • 3D Modelling, Computer Aided Design, Digital Surface Model, Live Video Streaming, Mesh, Orthomosaic, Point Cloud, Topographic Maps
  • Acoustic, Echo Sounder, GPR, Image Sensor, LiDAR, Methane Detector, Multi Spectral Camera, Thermal Sensor
Dronelab  SkyQube V2

SkyQube V2


  • Dronelab SkyCube V2


    Discover the high-performance drone suitable for any operation with payload up to 8 kg.

Dronelab  SkyQube V2

SkyQube V2

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Dronelab S.r.l is a design and production company of Drones-UAS and Autonomous Systems in the aeronautical field, for specialized industrial applications. It produces UAS with proprietary project and has its own line of drones (SkyQUBE), entirely manufactured at its headquarters. Dronelab is already ISO90001:2015 certified and partner of the DASS (Aerospace District of Sardinia).

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Dronelab  SkyQube V2
SkyQube V2
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