JR-UAV ScanLift Orbit

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Key Features

Endurance 90-240 mins (depends on payload & conditions)
Maximum Payload Capacity 10 kg
Propulsion Source Fuel Injected Hybrid Gasoline-Electric
Generator: INF EFI ¡HE7 3.5 KW / 4.7 HP, max 70 amp peak power supply
Automatization Auto power management, auto-start, auto throttle control

Short Description

The ScanLift Orbit: modular octocopter UAS, hybrid-electric, ideal for mapping & surveying. Easily replaceable parts, advanced features for efficiency.


About Us

JR-UAV is a System Company enabling the competence and experience of world renowned RC dedicated operations to jointly engineer and produce UAV-UAS extraordinary components. Our engineering, production and components supply chain is secured within the West:  Australia, Japan, Malaysia, United States.

Our Mission

Engineering the Future of Unmanned Aerial Systems

At JR-UAV, we engineer and produce cutting-edge UAV-UAS components, such as piston engines, servo actuators and advanced transmission/receiving systems to support defense and commercial applications. We integrate our long time consolidated international competencies striving to provide our customers with innovative and highest quality components ensuring safe UAV assignments

Discover ScanLift Orbit

The ScanLift Orbit is a versatile octocopter UAS powered by a hybrid-electric system. It's designed for commercial applications like mapping and surveying, with easily replaceable parts for quick maintenance. Equipped with advanced features including autonomous operation and optional add-ons like ADS-B and FPV camera, it offers flexibility and efficiency for various tasks.

Utilizing INF’s latest 3.5kw Hybrid-Electric EFI Engine (iHE7), we offer robust power for heavy payloads, steep terrain, and extended endurance. The iHE7, an EFI, self-starting engine, boasts a unique air-cooled design for field reliability. With 3.5kw peak output and continuous 3kw output, it's highly fuel-efficient. The onboard ECU manages engine functions, fuel flow, injection, cooling, and throttle.

Features : 

- Heavy lift capacity, up to 10 kg/22lbs payload
- 4+ Hours flight time, 2+ hrs @ 7 kg/15.4 payload
- Push button electric start
- Intuitive ground control system, encrypted data link
- Interchangeable arms allowing easy replacement
- Sovereign data highly secured not leaving its localized area
- World class Jupiter and autopilot flight controller
- Integrated payload dampening system minimizing vibrations
- Quick connect mount system allowing easy payload change
- Easy of use from beginners to experience pilots

The ScanLift orbit can take versatile payloads and configurations : 

ADS - Integrated Receiver. Enables BVOLS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) certified flights, DAA (Detect and Avoid) capabilities and remote pilot 360x360 degree spatial awareness. (Remote ID ready).

Ground Control Station Dual Handover. Single or dual GCS's and screens with BVLOS. For large corridor mapping dual GCS's allow for GCS handover from one GCS to another. Customizable modems and control integrations available. 

First Person Views Camera. On-board FPV camera allows pilot to see the ScanLifts's point of view from a secondary ground screen. AV or HDMI options available for FPV or payload video link.

Terrain Laser Sensor. Laser sensor allows terrain following, while in flight height above terrain telemetry helps to mitigate risk including maintaning data collection accuracy and spatial awareness.

Radar. Radar height detection usable over wet areas where LiDAR is not applicable.

Parachute. All motors shut down and parachute is deployed automatically if the INF autopilots system detects any flight parameters outside safety range. Non ballistic parachute, commercial airline transportable.

Real-Time Kinematic. RTK increases navigational accuracy and geologging of images, as they are triggered during flight. The SanLift Orbit is RTK ready and seamlessly  inks with INF's RTK base station or with a custom design existing base stations.

Optional Payload Voltage. 5v, 7v, 12v, 24v, power payloads from main batteries, no need for separate payload battery.


  • Manufacturer
  • Idiployer
  • Global
  • Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States of America
  • Aerial Photography, Archeology & Monuments, Construction & Real Estate, Disaster Management / First responders, Drone Delivery, Environment & Wildlife, Flood Modeling, Forestry & Agriculture, Healthcare & Humanitarian Aid, Infrastructure & Transport, Insurance, Mining & Exploration, Power & Utilities, Science & Research, Security & Law Enforcement, Supply Chain & Logistics, Surveillance & Mapping, Urban planning, Water Management
  • Air
  • Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS), Extended Visual Line of Sight (EVLOS), Line of Sight (LOS), RPAS
  • Rotary Drones, Rotary Drones
  • Battery, Fuel, Hybrid Power Source
  • Rotary Drones, Rotary Drones
  • Low Altitude Long Endurance ( < 30 kg )
  • Open Category, Specific Category
  • Medium ( 25 kg upto 150 kg )
  • 60 to 300 mins
  • 120
  • 27
  • 54
  • 43
  • 10
  • 10000
  • Camera Focal Length, Images, Multiple Sensors, Set camera angles / Shoot angles, Thermal Images, Trigger at Waypoints, Videos
  • 3D Modelling, Digital Surface Model, Live Video Streaming, Mesh, Orthomosaic, Point Cloud, Topographic Maps
  • Image Sensor, LiDAR, Multi Spectral Camera, Thermal Sensor

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Construction Real Estate, Drone Delivery, Power Utilities, Surveillance Mapping, Aerial Photography, Mining Exploration, Education, Security Law Enforcement, Environment Wildlife, Archeology Monuments, Disaster Management First Responders, Infrastructure Transport, Others, Healthcare Humanitarian Aid, Water Management, Urban Planning, Chemicals, Supply Chain Logistics, Flood Modeling

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WELCOME TO JR-UAV JR-UAV is a System Company enabling the competence and experience of world renowned RC dedicated operations to jointly engineer and produce UAV-UAS extraordinary components. Our engineering, production and components supply chain is secured within the West: Australia, Japan, Malaysia, United States.

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