Dynotis ST-751

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Price: $11,495

Key Features

Max Thrust 75 kgF
Max Propeller 90 inch
Torque 60 Nm
RPM 0 - 100 000 RPM

Short Description

SEMAI proudly introduces the Dynotis ST-751, a testament to our pioneering spirit in aerial innovation. Experience this exceptional model, featuring advanced specs and calibrated precision.


Dynotis is a testbench built to assist you in your engineering decisions, allowing for comprehensive comparison of different motor-propeller combinations for a given mission. We also specialize in crafting TAILOR-MADE testbenches, designed to meet the unique specifications and requirements of your specialized projects.

Engineered Excellence
Dynotis is the cutting-edge solution engineered to revolutionize how you assess and optimize motor-propeller combinations tailored to your specific mission objectives.

By leveraging advanced technology, Dynotis accurately measures and collects high-fidelity data from your propulsion system, providing unparalleled insights into its performance and efficiency.

With Dynotis, you gain a competitive edge in pinpointing the most optimal propulsion system for your project with unparalleled precision and confidence.
Experience the future of engineering analysis with Dynotis.

Accuracy over 99%
Achieve precise, consistent measurements with our technology, offering over 99% accuracy for dependable data.

Data rate up to 1000 Hz
Experience rapid data processing with a high data rate of up to 1000 Hz, enabling real-time analysis and immediate results.

Compact & light design
Enjoy the convenience of a sleek, lightweight design that makes our device easy to handle, install, and transport wherever needed.

About Us
At the heart of our endeavours lies the vision to be ranked among the top 25 Urban Air Mobility companies worldwide. With Semai, we are paving the way towards safer and cleaner urban air travel. Our mission extends to harnessing Turkey's high potential human resources, adding value and fostering employment within this burgeoning sector. Built for its unparalleled accuracy, our product enables customers to depend on the precision of the data they gather. This meticulous precision stems from our steadfast commitment to exact measurements, thorough calibration processes and intelligent design.

Serving an ever-growing international clientele, Semai Aviation's products and software are not just tools but catalysts for a smarter, greener future, supporting the most cutting-edge companies and research institutions worldwide.

Teamwork at Semai isn't just a practice, our philosophy, fueling our journey to redefine aviation.

Collaborative Synergy
At Semai, we embody the spirit of a startup. An innovative, agile, and committed ideology! Our goal is to enrich the aviation sector with every team member's contribution, fostering a landscape of continuous improvement and excellence.

United in Innovation
We are a vibrant coalition of individuals. Each of us hailing from different parts, united in our mission. Guided by our mentors' wisdom, we work collaboratively and with unwavering dedication to advance the future of aviation.


Measured Values
Dynotis measures essential parameters of your propulsion system.

Propeller RPM (revolution per minute)
Motor temperature
Ambient pressure
Ambient temperature
Wind speed*
Wind direction*

(*Available with dynamic testing kit option)

Calculated Values
Dynotis comes with an in-built calculator that automatically calculates the following.

Brushless motor+ESC efficiency
Propeller efficiency
Total Propulsion system efficiency
Air density
Power coefficient (Cp)
Thrust coefficient (Ct)
Torque coefficient (Cq)
Advance ratio*

No assembly required
Dynotis comes fully assembled out of the box. Just mount your brushless DC motor, motor controller, and propeller onto Dynotis, connect a powerbank to power up and connect the Dynotis to your PC using the cable provided to initiate your testing process just after minutes.

.csv Data output
The Semai Dynotis comes with advanced data acquisition software. The software gives users the freedom to monitor and manually control their tests. The data acquisition rate can reach up to 1000 HZ depending on the density of the output parameters.

Connectivity and software
Enjoy seamless connectivity to your PC with Dynotis through the USB cable or an optional WiFi module. Its intuitive graphical user interface ensures effortless navigation and clear information presentation, enhancing user experience and simplifying operation.

Vibration Level Sensing
The system consistently and thoroughly evaluates the vibration levels of the propulsion system, issuing warnings to the user whenever balancing adjustments are necessary. This approach helps prevent damage by ensuring the system remains optimally balanced at all times.

Measuring Ambient Conditions
Environmental conditions such as air temperature, wind speed, atmospheric pressure, and other atmospheric variables impact propulsion system efficiency. To accurately compare different propulsion systems' performance, it's crucial to consider these testing environmental conditions.

In-Built Efficiency Calculator
The Semai Dynotis features an integrated calculator that computes key performance indicators for your propulsion system. It determines the efficiency of brushless motors, propellers, and the system. Additionally, it calculates the power coefficient (Cp), thrust coefficient (Ct), torque coefficient (Cq), and advance ratio, set to zero for static tests.

Charting New Territories: The Dynotis ST-751 is Here

At SEMAI, we’re excited to unveil the next leap forward in our innovative product line – the Dynotis ST-751. Boasting Exceptional Specifications, Unparalleled Thrust and Torque Accuracy, and Compatibility with Larger Propellers. Also with the pro edition option which is calibrated to the ASTM E74 standard for thrust and the E2428 standard for torque.. The Dynotis ST-751 is not merely another addition to our product range; it is a clear reflection of our dedication to pioneering the future of aerial innovation. With its superior design and capabilities, the Dynotis ST-751 stands as a beacon of SEMAI’s commitment to excellence and our relentless pursuit of pushing the technological envelope in next-generation flight technology. For any company and team that aims to for the bigger, the better and the bolder here is the ST-751.


  • Manufacturer
  • Annually
  • Global
  • Autonomous, Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS), Line of Sight (LOS), RPAS
  • Autonomous, Blimps, Fixed Wings, Rotary Drones, Tethered, VTOL
  • -20°C 〜 +50°C = ‹ u suggested
  • -20°C 〜 +60°C = ‹ 90% suggested
  • 60
  • 5V 1A USB Type-C
  • 90 In.
  • 75 kgF
  • 0.001 kgF (1 gF)
  • ≤ ±1%
  • 60 Nm
  • 0,001 Nm (1 Nmm)
  • ≤ ±1%
  • ≤ ±0.5%
  • 0 - 120 V
  • 0 - 300 A
  • ≤ ±1%
  • 11 kg
Dynotis ST-751 by Semai

Dynotis ST-751

Price: $11,495


  • How to assemble Dynotis ST-51

    How to assemble Dynotis ST-51
Dynotis ST-751 by Semai

Dynotis ST-751

Price: $11,495

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Dynotis ST-751 by Semai

Dynotis ST-751

Price: $11,495

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Dynotis Propulsion Testbench for UAV/Drone/eVTOL. ST-51, ST-101, ST-151, ST-501, ST-751


Construction Real Estate, Drone Delivery, Power Utilities, Forestry Agriculture, Surveillance Mapping, Leisure Hobby, Aerial Photography, Mining Exploration, Education, Security Law Enforcement, Environment Wildlife, Archeology Monuments, Disaster Management First Responders, Infrastructure Transport, Science Research, Others, Insurance, Healthcare Humanitarian Aid, Water Management, Urban Planning, Chemicals, Shipping, Supply Chain Logistics, Flood Modeling


Europe & Central Asia, South Asia

At the heart of our endeavours lies the vision to be ranked among the top 25 Urban Air Mobility companies worldwide. With Semai, we are paving the way towards safer and cleaner urban air travel. Our mission extends to harnessing Turkey's high potential human resources, adding value and fostering employment within this burgeoning sector.

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Dynotis ST-751 by Semai
Dynotis ST-751
Price: $11,495
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